avatarIn 2006 Jerry and Chris Buetow’s barn needed remodeling. After 40 years, their old comfort stalls were wearing out in their 65-cow tie-stall barn. They were hoping to take out the posts behind the cows to allow for easier access backing out.

They visited with Charlie at Storms Welding and Manufacturing and six months later they had a completely overhauled tie-stall barn.

avatarAfter his first visit with Charlie Storms, Jim Barthel of West Ridge Dairy in Bellingham, MN, knew he made a good choice to call Storms Welding for his parlor renovation.

Barthel, who milks 320 head at his dairy operation with his family and two farmhands, began considering the update in 2011. In February 2013, when the barn was about to turn 20 years old, he called Charlie to explore options.

avatarThe Mohrs, Roger, Anita and Scott, have an extra hour in their day now. That’s because they recently remodeled their double 8 parabone parlor into a double 11 rapid exit parabone parlor that has cut 30 minutes or more off each milking.

Their old parlor, which had the capabilities to being a double 10 parlor, was rusting out and the Mohrs were spending five hours a day milking their 100 cows near New Ulm, MN.

avatarWhen Rick Jeurissen of Lester Prairie, MN. went through the planning stages of his new 180-stall free stall barn and double 12 parallel parlor, he had some creative ideas he wanted to incorporate into his facility.

He wanted to work with an innovative contractor that could implement some of his ideas as well as be the coordinator for the building process.

avatarRoger and Rich Hoen, of Cologne, MN, needed to make improvements in their barn.

In their old barns, the cows were getting injured in the stalls, the water pipes were very vulnerable and the cows were lunging into the stalls each time they got up. The brothers milk 78 cows on one site near Cologne, MN. They milk in two barns that are connected in an L configuration.

avatarThe owners, Jeff and Tony Kohls, of Do-N-Joy Dairy were looking to increase cow comfort and cow flow in their double-4 herringbone parlor on their 250-cow dairy near Arlington, MN.

They were frustrated because pin bones were getting beat up, cows were too tight, and it was taking too long, 6.5 hours, to milk their cows. Around a year ago they took their problem to Charlie at Storms Welding. Charlie and the staff at Storms Welding and Manufacturing designed a double-5 herringbone parlor using the same existing space.